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About LIS

LIS Vision

LIS consistently provides information technology, strategic direction and forward-thinking solutions that are vital to the smooth and efficient operation of Ohio’s legislative processes serving the citizens of Ohio.

LIS Guiding Principles

  • The first responsibility of Legislative Information Systems (LIS) is to the legislative organizations we support.  Our work is vital to the smooth and efficient operation of Ohio’s governmental processes and to the State’s citizens.We work efficiently while reducing risk to our customers.
  • We prioritize operations and service uptime, minimizing the impact of outages.
  • Our customers consider LIS a trusted advisor and rely on us for knowledgeable assistance on all technical needs.
  • We communicate openly and honestly to build trust and confidence.  Our customers and peers understand what we are doing and how it will affect them.
  • We know that our best work comes through teamwork.  We show others respect.  We invite and encourage input from anyone who can help us do our jobs more effectively and efficiently.
  • Our systems and legislative data are maintained in a safe and secure manner to provide data integrity.
  • We adhere to fiscally responsible principles in IT spending, ensuring the greatest value for taxpayer money.